Pins at the Patches & Pins Expo!

Patches & Pins Expo

As you may know, Da Ouija Creww were definitely in the building at the Patches & Pins Expo. Anarchy Borgir and I had manned the MZR Creations table and met some amazing people. Before I get any further, we want to thank everyone for purchasing our pins and patches we had available. Below, you can see some of the pictures of the table.

Being that we’re near the holidays of haunts, witches, ghouls and so on – we figured to go with a spooky look. Coffins as our pin displays, some skulls and candles to really give it that extra touch. This was AnarchyBorgir’s first show so we had to do it up! Definitely a great day and I got to see a bunch of old friends.

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